Millersville University
The Sacred Mundane exhibition at Millersville University's Sykes Gallery

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Eli AndrusBio: Elijah Andrus is a representational artist and art educator living in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area. Originally from Lock Haven PA, Eli earned his B.S. Ed. in Art Education from Millersville University and an M.S.Ed. from Wilkes University. He has exhibited his work in solo, group and juried shows throughout Pennsylvania and has numerous pieces in private collections. Over the past decade, he has taught in two outstanding school districts and a world class art museum. He has had the privilege of being a guest speaker and panelist for the art department at Penn State University. He has additionally worked for the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a consultant, guest presenter and teaching artist.

Artist Statement: My art is born of a need to aesthetically respond to the world and the human condition. My paintings and drawings function much like free form poems or essays circling around a central theme. Some bodies of work are developed as a unified series while others fit loosely into thematic or conceptual groupings. Through my work, I seek to explore concepts of psychology, history, spirituality and symbolism. I find myself drawn to subjects for their formal and conceptual potential. My hope is to provide viewers with a contemplative experience.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe teaching art and making art go hand in hand. For me, one could not exist without the other. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the privilege of sharing my passion for art with learners of all ages. My experience working with professionals and students in award winning school districts and world-class museums has greatly impacted who I am as an educator and an artist.